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WML: Getting Your Wireless Site Online Three Simple Steps How To View Wireless Sites Using a PC's Browser WAP Search Engines WML Validators The presence of the wireless / mobile / hand-held world is becoming more apparent daily. With the introduction of WML (wire less markup language) and the creation of WAP (wireless application protocol) several years ago, the ability of having not only a web site, but also a wireless web site is a reality. Actually, with the never ending advances in wireless technology, having a wireless web site is really not an option, especially in the business world.

Mobile devices provide access to basic information coupled with freedom from the restraints of the static desktop or the less than always convenient, laptop. Innovations are allowing mobile devices, i.e. cellular phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants), and hand-held devices (pocket PCs, Palm Pilots, Blackberrys etc) to become increasingly more compact. To compensate for their small sizes, these devices are becoming more powerful with a variety of screen sizes and improved display and color capabilities.

This is not to mention the other wireless 'smart devices/appliances' that are also on the horizon. Because of their limited dimensions, wireless devices contain a special micro-browser which has limited capacities and is not able to present web sites written in HTML. Wireless web sites are written in WML, which is similar to and simpler than HTML. Understand that though simpler than HTML, WML is part of XML and as such the syntax and rules are much stricter.

A wireless site is called a deck and 'pages' are referred to as cards. The particulars of writing the code for a mobile device in WML is another subject. Rather let's focus on now that you have created a wireless web site, how to get it online so that it can be accessed by those using hand-held devices. So let's go. Three Simple Steps 1. Adding a small amount of information to your current sever 2.

Making a file called - .htaccess - and uploading it 3. Including one other line As with HTML, there are WML editors and hosting companies that are available to put a wireless web site together and get it online. Some of the hype tends to make it seem that only the special hosting companies are capable of handling a site written in WML. In fact, any service capable of hosting a web site host can also host a wireless web site, i.e. your current web site's host!

1. Adding Information to your Server First, as you are aware, there are a number of different servers in use. The following steps apply to those whose host is using an Apache server or another NCSA-based server. A Windows server is another story and has different requirements to contend with. (see Openwave for specific information regarding Windows server). This step, as well as the following steps, apply to Apache servers. A few simple lines of information need to be added to your Apache server.

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